Thursday, June 2, 2011

PER Central

The website provides a central point for many Physics Education Research resources. The site is self-described in the following way. "PER-Central contains information about and links to a wide range of materials for the use of people conducting research on the teaching and learning of physics. Some of these materials are also useful to teachers and administrators interested in applying the findings of PER. Links to articles describing physics education research along with links to instructional materials based on that research are the heart of the site. News and other items of interest are also available."  The site has links to easily go directly to community news, conferences, theses, published articles, curricular materials, etc.  There is a PERWiki section with a community composed set of resources, currently divided into sections on PER history, journals, and research tools.  One of the features I like best on the site is the search box on the top right.  You can enter a topic, such as collaborative learning, and then get a listing of all resources on that topic.  A link allows you to easily sort them by date or several other criteria.  Registration is free, and gives one the opportunity to contribute to the resources.

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